Successful grid connection at CCE’s “La Huella” project in Chile

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  • Successful grid connection at CCE’s “La Huella” project in Chile

Successful grid connection at CCE’s “La Huella” project in Chile

Construction works on the 87-megawattpeak solar power plant in the Chilean Atacama Desert are in the final phase. With the successful interconnection to the grid on March 4th, 2021, the first step towards operation has been taken. When fully operational, the energy generated will be able to meet the annual energy requirements of 90,000 households and reduce emissions of 155,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Garsten, March 24th , 2021. – After more than a year of continuous work, on March 4th an important milestone was reached in the construction of the photovoltaic park “La Huella” in the municipality of La Higuera, in the region of Coquimbo. On that day, the power plant, owned by the CCE Group, which involves an investment of more than US$ 70 million was connected to the grid.

 The completed interconnection to the grid makes it possible to start feeding renewable solar energy into the national grid and thus fulfill the power purchase agreements. The great importance of this event is explained by Rene Hörwertner, Managing Director of CCE Chile SpA, a company of the CCE Group, also with regard to the overall planned activities of the internationally operating CCE: “The interconnection of the plant and the
associated transmission line are an important milestone for the construction and future operation of a photovoltaic portfolio totaling 317 MW
p in Chile.”

 The power plant “La Huella”, consists of about 215,000 solar modules and 13 transformer stations, located on an area of 140 hectares. The electrical connection between the power plant and the substation “Don Héctor” required the construction of a 2.75 km long 220 kV line. The solar power plant has an installed capacity of 87 MWp
and with an estimated annual generation of 221 GWh, enough energy to cover the annual energy needs of 90,000 households and to reduce the emission of 155,000 tons of CO2 per year.

“Since our arrival in Chile in 2019, the La Huella solar park is the first of four photovoltaic projects we plan tu build
by 2023. This represents an investment of more than $300 million, which will provide around 317 MW
p of clean, sustainable and economic energy for all the communities in the north and the consumers of the national grid,”
explains the head of investments in Chile and Latin America of the Austrian group.

 “Our La Huella project is intended to be a long-term contribution to the community of La Higuera, the Coquimbo region and northern Chile in general. In addition, the project will be a model for the generation of clean and renewable energy in the region,” concludes Rene Hörwertner.

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