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Our partnerships for the common fight against climate change

Just as for other companies, the regular exchange of information and the sharing of knowledge and know-how is a matter of course for us.

After all, every company involved in the renewable energy sector wants only one thing – to stop climate change and maintain the basis for a livable earth for humans and animals. Changing legal requirements and technical innovations are discussed in talks, presentations and events with other experts, and the newly acquired knowledge is incorporated into our work. Only through constant exchange we can remain up-to-date and always present the best product to our customers.

Therefore, we are a proud partner of the following associations:

Our partner

CTC – Cleantech Cluster

The Cleantech Cluster combines the potential and expertise of its partners, all of whom are active in the energy technology and environmental technology sectors.

This increases the innovative strength and international competitiveness of the partners. At the CTC, the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are always at the centre of the strategy.

Our partner

PV Austria

The Federal Association Photovoltaic Austria is the inter-company and non-partisan interest group for improving the framework conditions for photovoltaics and electricity storage in Austria.

PV Austria focuses on active public relations and press work, strategy development and the establishment of networks. Under the common roof of PV Austria, the interests of the PV industry are to be represented towards politics, economy and the public and the necessary framework conditions for this important future technology are to be created.

Our partner

SolarPower Europe

The goal of SolarPower Europe is to ensure that more energy is generated from solar energy than any other energy source by 2030.

In addition, SolarPower supports its members in making solar energy the core of a smart, sustainable, safe and inclusive energy system to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050