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Why PV on factory roofs is always a good idea!

Many companies are showing their courage to break new ground and innovate through their products and increasingly through digitalised production processes. The energy to make both of these things possible, however, is often generated and sourced very conventionally. There is a lot to suggest that energy-intensive industries and logistics companies in particular are rethinking their […]
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Eva Belletti wird Managing Director CCE Deutschland

Eva Belletti startet mit Wirkung zum 1. September 2023 als Managing Director bei der CCE Deutschland GmbH. Sie übernimmt damit die Geschäftsführung der seit über 10 Jahren im deutschen Markt aktiven Niederlassung von CCE in München. „Mit Eva Belletti konnten wir eine ausgesprochen kompetente und in unserer Branche bestens vernetzte Geschäftsführerin gewinnen,“ freut sich Jörg […]
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Energate Interview with Jörg Menyesch and Roman Schönberger

Vienna/ Overath (energate) – The German-Austrian PV project developer CCE Holding intends to grow in the German market and has the German market and has founded a joint venture with the North Rhine-Westphalian company Sonnenernte. Energate spoke to Jörg Menyesch, Managing Partner of CCE Holding, and Roman Schönberger, partner, about the goals of CCE Sonnenernte […]
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CCE and Sonnenernte found joint venture CCE Sonnenernte Service GmbH

The international photovoltaic project developer CCE Holding establishes an equal joint venture with Sonnenernte GmbH, a developer close to agriculture of photovoltaic ground-mounted systems primarily in eastern Germany. Next to one Land use for the generation of regenerative energy are also the ecological design management of the areas used and the use of energy on […]
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