CCE has achieved a global presence. Over 120 employees contribute daily to turn our current projects into reality.

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CLEAN CAPITAL ENERGY – Realising the future

Worldwide expertise combined in one management team

The management team of Clean Capital Energy not only combines different nations, but also outstanding knowledge, years of experience and expertise.

Our goal is always to offer top-level solutions to CCE’s partners, customers and investors. The company remains committed to this claim in the future and implements it with its many years of experience in the photovoltaic market and with a highly motivated and competent team.

CCE Holding

Executive Board

Martin Dürnberger


Martin Dürnberger, born in Garsten/Upper Austria, started his career at a regional financial institution in Upper Austria and subsequently learned the investment banking business in various positions at national and international financial institutions. His interest in renewable energies and in particular in photovoltaics was aroused at a very early stage. In 2010 he finally founded the company Clean Capital.

Due to his economic education, his focus was on financing as well as structuring of investments and on the classic “Merger & Acquisition” business (M&A). At CCE, his main responsibilities include strategic development and corporate finance as well as HR, legal and marketing.


Jörg Menyesch


Before founding enernovum in Cologne, Jörg Menyesch worked in top management for American companies in Europe for many years. He was responsible for business development, international M&A and integrations as well as the expansion of existing businesses in 14 countries with around 4,000 employees. In 2010, he founded enernovum with the goal of with the aim of enhancing the photovoltaic sector through investments.

With his extensive experience in management and business model development, Jörg started the development of so called Grid Parity projects in Europe very early. In the last years he was able to develop one of the largest PV pipelines in Italy. At CCE, Jörg is responsible for strategic development as well as for international project development and management of the operational business.

CCE Holding


Eva Belletti joined CCE in September 2023. She is Managing Director of CCE Germany.

Eva Belletti

Managing Director CCE Germany

Stefan Lindtner is part of CCE since 2014. His main responsibilities and expertise are Energy Conversion and Storage Technology, Engineering, Operations & Maintenance, IT, Corporate Development, Product management.

Stefan Lindtner

CTO & Partner CCE Holding,
Managing Director CCE Solutions

Johannes Stöffelbauer is CFO at CCE Holding. He is part of the company since 2022

Johannes Stöffelbauer

CFO CCE Holding

Hugues Dupeyron is manager at CCE France since 2020. He has gained experience in french energy market for more then 12 years.

Hugues Dupeyron

Managing director CCE France

Rainer Steininger joined CCE in 2023. He is manager of CCE Austria and responsible for business development in Austria

Rainer Steininger

Managing Director CCE Austria

Johannes Srajer joined CCE in 2019. He is manager of CCE Romania

Johannes Srajer

Managing Director CCE Romania

Cederik Engel is part of the CCE team since 2020 and is managing director of CCE Netherlands. His main areas of responsibility include corporate finance and investment management. In addition, he is also responsible for ESG.

Cederik Engel

Partner CCE Holding, Managing Director CCE The Netherlands

Sandro Esposito is part of CCE and enernovum since 2017. As CCEN's manager, he is responsible for business development in Italy.

Sandro Esposito

Managing director CCE Italy

Rene Hörwertner is part of the CCE team since 2018. His area of expertise is business development in Chile and the entire South American region.

Rene Hörwertner

Partner CCE Holding, Managing Director CCE Chile,
Business Development South America