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CCE Austria covers the entire spectrum of renewable energies. From Garsten, we are dedicated to the generation of solar power from industrial and commercial roofs, ground-mounted PV systems, agrivoltaics and the flexibilisation of green electricity.

CCE Austria is your competent partner along the entire value chain. From development and construction to operation: we guide your PV project from start to finish.

CCE Austria

Our skills

Our skills

Rooftop systems

Rooftop PV systems open up the possibility of turning unused space into electricity power plants, thus contributing to the energy turnaround in a space-saving way and producing cheap electricity at the same time.

CCE has the necessary experience for the construction and operation of PV systems on all types of roofs, from public buildings to large industrial plants and agricultural buildings. Rooftop systems reduce monthly electricity bills, guarantee stable prices and are the simplest contribution to climate-friendly, crisis-proof and environmentally friendly electricity!I

Over the past 13 years, CCE Austria has realised well over 5,000 rooftop systems, setting standards with Austria’s first system > 1 MWp and currently the largest rooftop system in Austria.

Our skills

Ground-mounted systems

Ground-mounted PV enables the efficient generation of as much electricity as possible on open land. Whether only for electricity generation or in the form of an agri-PV system, on which both agriculture and electricity generation are possible: photovoltaics on open spaces are the most effective means of producing affordable and green electricity. Incidentally, no soil is sealed in the process, it even increases biodiversity through extensive cultivation and protects plants growing underneath from harmful environmental influences.

CCE develops, builds, finances and operates PV systems on open spaces worldwide. We also offer innovative solutions such as PV or agri-PV projects in combination with Energy Storage Systems and the associated flexibilisation, including hydrogen production.

Our skills


CCE is intensively involved in new solutions for the energy market. The aim of our innovative projects is the creation of individual and sustainable PV generation and flexibilisation concepts, with an optimal combination of electricity generation, electricity storage, own electricity consumption and electricity feed-in to the public grid.

From battery storage to hydrogen generation: CCE has the right experts for any special solutions. We also support the establishment and operation of energy communities, which relieve the burden on grids and decentralise the supply of electricity.

PV system

We plan and build your PV system according to your own ideas and circumstances. You are the operator and investor of the system. You are free to decide how you use the solar power produced.

PV system

Just like machine tools or cars, you can also lease your PV system. CCE will finance, install and operate a PV system on your company roof.

Direct current

CCE supplies you with PV electricity. We finance, install and operate a PV system on your company roof. You receive the PV electricity at an agreed working price in ct/kWh.

CCE Österreich GmbH

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CCE Austria

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