Clean Capital Energy and enernovum establish shared holding company


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Clean Capital Energy and enernovum establish shared holding company

After years of successful cooperation, the two companies, Clean Capital Energy from Austria and enernovum from Germany, are taking a further step towards a common future. Together with an institutional investor, CCE Holding was founded with headquarters in Austria.

A few years ago, the two photovoltaic specialists Clean Capital Energy and enernovum, started a joint venture in Italy to develop solar projects together. This productive cooperation, which mainly involved the development of grid parity projects, is now set to grow even further. Together with an investor, CCE Holding was founded with headquarters in Vienna.


The goal of CCE Holding is to expand the current role of a so-called “Independent Power Producer” (IPP) and to assume a central role on the global renewable energy markets in the future. All activities along the value chain, from development, construction, financing and operation to the management of photovoltaic power plants, will continue to be bundled in house. In addition, the existing expertise and experience will also be applied to the integration of new future technologies. The companies are already actively involved in the research and development of new technological solutions such as storage systems and hydrogen, thus making another important contribution to the protection of our environment.

In a first step, CCE Holding will acquire photovoltaic projects with a total nominal capacity of around 500 MWp, of which 100 MWp are already in operation. All projects were developed in house by Clean Capital Energy and enernovum. The two companies currently have a project pipeline with more than 2 gigawatts of nominal capacity.

The owners and managing directors of the two companies, Martin Dürnberger (Clean Capital Energy) and Jörg Menyesch (enernovum), see this future cooperation as a milestone in their company’s growth. “After the very successful cooperation in the past years, this further step was the only logical one towards a joint future and to make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change,” Clean Capital Energy CEO Martin Dürnberger is confident. Jörg Menyesch, Managing Director of enernovum, adds: “Under the management of CCE Holding, we will be able to tackle many exciting projects in the future and have even more opportunities to take on the development of large-scale PV projects in other regions, such as Eastern Europe.